California Surfing: Watching Water

2011 OFFICIAL Trailer for Watching Water from Jo Tyrrell on Vimeo.

Girato nella California del sud e sulla North Shore di Oahu, Watching Water è un documentario di Jo Tyrrell che si propone di esplorare l’essenza del surf. I suoni, la solitudine, le amicizie, l’esperienza di essere nell’oceano e vivere in base alle sue regole.

I came to California with a small idea and a borrowed camera that I’d never used. I didn’t know anyone, or what to ask. From a series of small coincidental events and people believing in the idea I began to create a film. I had grown up wanting to know what they did out there, i’d see them sitting for hours in car parks or on beaches staring out to sea. What were they looking at, what could they see out there that I couldn’t? What made them keep going back?…

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